B​leischHaus Hand made products are made by Artisan Douglas Bleisch in Berenck Switzerland and Detva, Slovakia. 

At this time our store has Wood pens and fountain pens, by this summer our store will be selling some Ceramic and porcelain works from artist Fred Braun of Berneck Switzerland. Fred Braun web site is in German, you can go to his site at
http://toepferei-braun.ch  Fred speaks English.

Handmade product will be added as other Artisans join our web site and or store. 

We search for wood from old houses, destroyed antique furniture, fence post, or downed trees on farms and Forests in Europe and other parts of the world collected by friends and family.

Douglas hand selects cuts and turns every piece of wood to make our hand craft products. On every pen or product we state where the wood comes from and its approximate age when the wood was originally cut. 

If you see a pen you like; but, would like a different Wood, please contact Douglas. He will provide you with a price and delivery time. He can recreate most of the pens; measurement may be different by 1 to 2 millimeter plus or minus.

Willkommen bei BleischHaus Gallery

Douglas and Tini

Neue Produkte in Kürze

New products coming soon,